artist statement

I’m a multidisciplinary artist who through an investigative practice utilizes video, sculpture, performance, and design; seeking to archive blackness, celebrate black hood, and refuse all identities placed upon me due to our current state of colonialism. Often referencing my own family members who I feel encompass my queer body, I study the translation of Africanism from one body to another, how it is being memorialized in the everyday home, and how it functions outside of white proximity. I use the grid as a base design for my work - this often taking form as the formal grid, repetitive moments, or strict design of rules - to critique the oppressive functions of capitalistic systems. I disrupt the grid system with moments of stillness or blackness as an attempt to acknowledge and represent my family's power in practicing radical joy, through invisibility, during states of oppression and systematic racism. I am committed to public intimacy and creating spaces and situations that confront and encourage black gatherings and experiences, both as a form of research and creative placemaking. 

 © 2020 by Teena Wilder.