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artist statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist who through an investigative practice utilizes video, sculpture, performance, and design; seeking to archive blackness and celebrate blackhood, submerging individual narrative into the spaces of collectivism. Adopting family members identities to reference my queerness and learned behaviors of survival, I study the translation of Africanism from one body to another, how it is being memorialized in the the home, in acts of healing, and in everyday survival . I use the grid as a base design for my work - this often taking form as the formal grid, repetitive moments, rhythm, pattern, or a strict design of rules - to critique the functions of capitalistic systems, and its continuous dependency on oppressive power structures. I disrupt the grid system with moments of stillness, blackhood, or darkness, acknowledging and representing my family's power in practicing radical joy and invisibility as a means of survival. I am committed to public intimacy and creating spaces and situations that confront and encourage black gatherings and experiences.

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